We love the sea, we love Dubrovnik, we love to show people around

We love the sea, we love Dubrovnik, we love to show people around and our range of trips fits every budget.

This is why: people often look at the big yachts and sigh: Ah..if I had a little money…it’s a rich man’s world. Well – we think it’s the matter of perspective: if you can’t afford to stay at a five star hotel for two weeks, you can afford to go for a drink or a breakfast there – and enjoy the same view, the same culinary luxury, the same staff and service. The feeling.

It’s the same with a boat trip: you don’t need to sail the Adriatic for a week on the deck of a high-end catamaran and drink Chateau Margaux. You can do a day trip, or even just the sunrise / sunset cruise to greet the dolphins and enjoy a glass of local home-made wine and have a fantastic time. (In our humble opinion, you do find home-made wines around here that would make most of the Bordeaux winemakers jealous).


Responsible and cordial.

Responsible and cordial, Tonci is a proud local, sea lover and an excellent skipper. He loves fishing, spearfishing, diving and hunting, he is a true gourmet and can tell you everything about fish, wine, local products and culture. Besides, he is also a professional accordionist, so don’t be surprised if you catch him humming some of the Dalmatian ballads as he takes you around Elaphiti islands. He is the owner of the boat and apart from Croatian, he speaks fluent English and Czech.

Blanka, the background support, is originally from Prague, but years ago she fell in love with Peljesac, Tonci and Dubrovnik (in this order). She is a writer and she speaks Czech, Croatian, English and French. She can talk (and write) passionately about local places, curiosities and lifestyle for hours (we warned you).

Read about how Blanka met Tonci here (

Typical Tour

What would you like to see and do?

What would you like to see and do? You tell us, we prepare a tour that fits your desires. It will be fun, interesting, romantic, delicious and memorable. Make sure your camera is fully charged!

  • Pick-up at your location
  • Welcome drink on the deck and departure towards the first of our stops
  • The stops are typically at picturesque beaches accessible only by boat, little fishing villages or towns, and the finest, carefully selected and personally tested restaurants (warning: this does not automatically mean they are the most expensive – you can pick a restaurant according to your budget, or, you can bring a pic-nic bag and have lunch on the beach.
  • After lunch, you can enjoy another drink, while we proceed to the next stop.
  • When you have enjoyed enough swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, sightseeing and great food, ask Tonci to take a few group snaps for you on board (or off:)
  • As we approach the harbour, you get a souvenir (…don’t worry, we don’t give out ugly tea mugs with Deck & Cheers logo or similar; we swear you will love the gift!)
  • Time for the final cheers and – oh! – don’t forget to throw a coin into the sea; it is believed this will once make you come back.