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Elaphite Islands

About Elaphite Islands

A group of 13 islands is located in the south of Croatia, northwest of Dubrovnik, surrounded by the island of Mljet, the Peljesac peninsula and the Mljet and Kolocep channel. The name of the archipelago is believed to come from Greek, specifically the word „elaphos“, „elaphitides“, which would mean deer-rich land. Deer traces were, however, not found on any of the islands.

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Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan

Are the only inhabited islands with around 900 inhabitants throughout the year. The Elaphite Islands have long been a favorite place of rest, enjoyment and business for the Dubrovnik nobility. Both then and today, locals and tourists alike love to visit the Elaphite Islands and their cultural sites, nature, sandy beaches, bays, caves and taste the seafood.

Private boat tour

Private boat tour is the best way to visit the Elaphite Islands. This is the only way to find hidden places, see and experience the islands in full splendor!

If you decide to take a trip with us, Deck & Cheers will brighten your day. You will be picked up from your address in and around Dubrovnik and in a few minutes, your private boat tour begins. You will pass the island of Daksa or the walls of the old city of Dubrovnik (depending on the place of departure), then we speed up a bit and in a few minutes you arrive at the first and smallest inhabited island of Kolocep, among the locals „Kalamota“. Kolocep is the richest island in terms of caves, and their exploration is a wonderful and special experience. Especially the swimming in the Blue Cave, which is also a major attraction.

After enjoying the caves, you will taste our D&C welcome cocktail prepared by captain Tonći. Next stop - a walk through the place called Donje Čelo is special particularly because of the peace and tranquility: there are no cars on Kolocep. From the island of Kolocep we move to the island of Lopud. Lopud is the middle one of the inhabited islands and it also has the largest village, but also peace and quiet, as there are also no cars, only a few carts for transporting food and goods, and golf cars used for the transport of passengers to the sandy beach of Sunj or the Lafodia Hotel.

Fortunately, you have a D&C Private boat tour and we will visit the beautiful sandy beach of Sunj by boat. Having your own large sun deck and a long sandy beach around seems simple, but it is a great luxury, that gives you a feeling of freedom, particularly in the middle of hustle and bustle of the main sesason). Walking around Lopud by the shore has its soul. You will see a beautiful monastery with church and a museum, stone houses, Mayineri park and several sandy beaches, and when you get hungry and want to taste fresh fish, seafood, meat or vegetables, restaurant „Dubrovnik“ is always the best choice and a top recommendation of the captain. With a taste of the sea and full belly, it's time to visit the island of Sipan. With two locations connected by road, Sudurad in the east and Luka Šipan in the west, Sipan is the largest Elaphite island. It is known as the island of olives and fishing. Throwing an anchor, swimming in the crystal clear sea in one of the coves of Sipan and the smell of pine is an immeasurable feeling. After visiting a few more beautiful caves, it's time to head back and wrap up your private boat tour with a D&C gift, before you will be transported to your  accommodation.

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Elaphite islands boat trip

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