Day trip to Lopud from Dubrovnik

The intimacy and gentle beauty of Lopud peaks through this secret gate, one of many on the island’s shore path. Have a stroll there in the summer and you will dream of spending a whole month here; have the same stroll in the winter and you will want to spend a lifetime…

Lopud is one of the three islands we visit during our Elaphite Islands tour.

“Delaphodia” by its ancient Greek name and “Lafota” in the Roman Empire, the island has around 900 inhabitants, but gets quite busy in the summer. Not only is Lopud a popular spot for the visitors, but many locals love to take their boats to the famous Šunj, one of the rare sandy beaches in the area. Cars are not allowed on the island, so the shore paths form one long pedestrian zone.

What to do in Lopud?

If you are into exploring historical sites, there are two 15th century monasteries, Franciscan and Dominican. After the stroll, have a swim. Lopud beaches are great for semi-swimmers, families and kids, because of the shallow water and pleasant sandy bottom.

Most restaurants (and we do know the best ones! Hint: they don’t look like it right away.:) are right at the shore, literally two steps away from the sea, so you can have a swim in between courses.

Ask our captain what to order, he is an experienced fisherman himself and a connaiseur of local specialities. The only dilemma you are left with is which island to visit next: Sipan or Kolocep?